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This 15-acre restaurant, retail, artist and entertainment destination sits at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas. Pay a visit to a brewery, culinary events center and multiple restaurants. The area is also home to the Restaurant Concept Incubator program, which encourages culinary entrepreneurs to develop restaurant concepts to become the newest addition on the block. In the mood for seafood? Grab fresh crab or lobster at Amberjax or sashimi at Sushi Bayashi. For fusion dishes, head to Chino Chinatown, a Chinese cuisine spot with a Latin American twist.


Prior to 2016 Trinity Groves had never done any formal advertising and lacked brand awareness as still a relatively new district to Dallas.


30, 60 & 90 second Video for TV Commercial and Social Media Marketing Campaigns



During Market Research, newly hired marketing director Gerardo Munguia determined that Trinity Groves has a competitive advantage over other restaurant options in that over 60% of people that come decide what to eat after they arrive and visit multiple restaurants each visit.

This insight become a powerful marketing message and vision for producing a video that would open with the constant discussion of where should we eat?followed by Trinity Groves as the resolution because of the unbeatable variety of restaurants offered in one location.

Trinity Groves partnered with Interactive Exposure to write a script, develop a storyboard, produce and edit the TV commercial and extended social media version.


The conceptual goal was to create a video that people could relate to as we have all experienced the seemingly never-ending debate amongst friends or couples trying to decide where to eat.  After a connection was forged with the audience, the relatable and humorous scenario gives way to beautiful audio-visual footage releveling Trinity Groves as the resounding solution to the age-old playful debate.

Once the piece was completed, Trinity Groves managed all elements of the media plan distribution alongside SF Media Consultants to reach consumers through digital, TV, radio, and social media.

The results to date have been incredible. On social media, the video has been watched to its full extent well over 1.75 million times in just a few months, coupled by thousands of comments and people tagging their friends and expressing interest in going together.



Since the campaign started, early metrics have included but not been limited to:

  • A rise in foot traffic of over 2,000 more visitors per week
  • Website traffic has more than doubled
  • Social media engagements and likes have more than tripled
  • A growth in sales of 30% YOY from 2016 to 2017
  • The results have been impressive and it’s obvious that a wide diversity of people love Trinity Groves, and we love that we can allow everyone a chance to “Experience Variety”

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